Dongguan gold to grind precision grinding machinery manufacturing co., LTD is affiliated enterprise toyama industrial group, mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales of high precision surface grinding machine, precision plane polishing machine, CNC equipment and consumable instead of related products. Our products are widely used in metal and nonmetal (such as ceramic, sapphire) parts such as grinding, polishing process, the workpiece can obtain the best roughness of flatness of 0.2 um and 0.2 um.


kizi with "partners to provide the best grinding and polishing solutions" as the enterprise mission, originated from Taiwan more than 20 years of rich grinding polishing technology, Kizi r&d team of technology innovation, break through the sapphire, ceramic grinding polishing the technical challenges, the new project for a number of patented technology; Matching of milling and grinding fluid conform to the requirements of environmental protection and obtained SGS certificate; Company successfully imported ISO9001 quality certification system to ensure that all product quality conforms to the standard.



> kizi, a responsible to the shareholders, to be responsible for employees, responsible for the supplier, responsible to the customers, responsible for the social responsibility of the enterprise as own duty.


> kizi, and strive to meet your needs!


> kizi, grinding and polishing expert!


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